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Official RTS League Mapset

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This is a collection of new map scripts which are an official addition to the selectable map pool for RTS League. These maps were first introduced at the start of RTS League's Age of Mythology: The Titans Clan League Season 21.Version 2 was released for use starting Season 25. Siwah was removed in version 2.1 during the same season.New maps:Frozen Wastes RTSL;Ghostland RTSL;Lamia RTSL;Molde RTSL;Painted Desert RTSL;Sacred Pond RTSL.Updated maps:Sea of Worms RTSL.New mapsets:Random RTSL - includes original plus new maps;Random All RTSL - includes original maps except Nomad plus new maps and revised versions of original maps (old versions excluded).Additional information:We should also note that the map scripts Lamia and Molde were created by "Lautan", and were originally uploaded to the download center at [You must login to view link]. RTSL staff made some very slight updates to these map scripts, so they are not the true originals.Thank you, "Lautan!"The updates to Sea of Worms were completed by Nakamura.Thank you, Nakamura!The map Ghostland was created by BoIt.Thank you, BoIt!Maps Frozen Wastes, Painted Desert and Sacred Pond were created by RebelsRising and Bubble.Thank you, RebelsRising and Bubble!Troubleshooting:If you encounter any problems with the maps (e.g. message about different map versions between players), make sure all of the in-game players are using the same map files.Alternatively, move the map files (2 for each map, 1 for mapset) from their mod destination "InstallationFolder\Age of Mythology\Voobly Mods\AOMT\Data Mods\Official RTS League Mapset\rm2" to the original map file folder "InstallationFolder\Age of Mythology\rm2"In case of any other problems, feedback, or questions, please let us know at [You must login to view link]Sincerely,RTS League StaffBlack Adder, TOAO_ChronoJJ, TSM_Fen, MasterOfFreedom, [PK]Clown
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